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Common questions asked by clients who test their websites and mobile apps from UX perspective.

Are 3 tests statistically significant?

Few samples will not get statistically significant results. However, a narrated video will help you see what others are seeing in your website. These tests will get to several ‘gotcha’ moments, while you understand your customers, their interpretation of terminology, and how they react to your website content. Dig deep to understand the WHY behind [...]

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How Many tests should I have?

We recommend testing with 4-8 users to get you initial feedback about your website that uncover major usability challenges that will help you take actionable decisions. Testing with more 10-20 users will revile almost all major usability issues, 20 or more will get you statistically significant data.

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How can Users Proof help my product?

We are your testing partners during the entire process of product development Through market validation, ask your potential market to perform a search to a similar service, find their pain points, and how your competitors are solving the problem you are solving. Know your competitors: Check out how your competitors are performing? Let our testers [...]

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