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Web Usability: Reality vs Perception

“Why are things always in the last place you look for them? Because you stop looking when you find them!” We all must have spent a lot of time watching people use Web, the thing that must have struck most of us is the difference between how we think people use websites and how they [...]

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Social Justice & UX, wait what?!

What does UX have to do with Social Justice? Everything!   Social Justice is defined by Webster's Dictionary as ‘promoting common good’. If designers are not promoting the common good, then what are they doing? Each day user experience designers make choices based on user research, feedback, user testing and things they know to be [...]

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6 Storytelling Techniques to Transform your UX

Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom called the internet, an engineer tried to improve his UX Design... Let's try a little experiment. Close your eyes. Now, can you tell me the story of the Three Little Pigs? How about Snow White? I bet you can, right? Even if you haven't thought about them [...]

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UX leader from the Middle East: Thoughts and insights

I am always intrigued with large teams that orchestrate together to build wonderful products that solve customer’s needs, therefore I decided to talk to Åsa Andersson the UX & Creative Director of a major telecommunication company in the UAE who went through a major revamp of their digital products. I asked Åsa the following questions [...]

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Opinion: My Experience with UX Frameworks

UX Frameworks are methods to help us build better digital products. I come from an art and graphic design background, that type of schooling helped me get ideas from different sources, sometimes that means making ideas out of old ones. On other occasions, I get that “Eureka” moment, like Archimedes who ran throughout the city [...]

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6 Tools Used to Manage UX Research and Design Processes

Problem overview: Oh! Not another WhatsApp message from a client at one in the morning! Being a UX researcher and designer, I encounter a challenge managing different clients, different teams, and different processes. Which frustrate me a lot because I have to follow-up on so many platforms and with many stakeholders. I decided that it [...]

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Up Close and Personal: An Insider’s Look at Working as a UX Designer in Jordan

In a world where user experience (UX) plays an increasingly important role in customer satisfaction, the UX industry has gained rapid momentum in the MENA region over the past few years. Companies are beginning to realize that user experience plays a significant role in the success of their business, and have turned to  UX experts [...]

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Interstitials: The Latest Marketing Trends that’s Driving Users Crazy

During a recent marketing conference, the speaker (a veteran among digital marketers) captivated his audience with a simple statement regarding website interstitials: “I haven’t even had a chance to like you yet – and now I hate you!”  His statement strikes a chord with a growing number of web users.  In recent years, we have [...]

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