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Mohammad is the founder of Users Proof. he is keen on helping companies increase their sales through better UX design and testing

UX leader from the Middle East: Thoughts and insights

I am always intrigued with large teams that orchestrate together to build wonderful products that solve customer’s needs, therefore I decided to talk to Åsa Andersson the UX & Creative Director of a major telecommunication company in the UAE who went through a major revamp of their digital products. I asked Åsa the following questions [...]

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Adapting empathy maps for investment

At the moment, I'm busy raising investment for Users Proof, so my users are investors. As I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve, I wanted to take a glance at empathy maps, a powerful tool for helping teams better understand their users. Are they useful for me to understand the investors I'm talking [...]

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Investment vs Dating

I seem to have reached that point in my life where I spend my mornings working, looking for investments for Users Proof, and my evenings looking for something quite different…that special someone who I could spend the rest of my life with. Believe me, when I say, neither of these is easy! When I found [...]

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Up Close and Personal: An Insider’s Look at Working as a UX Designer in Jordan

In a world where user experience (UX) plays an increasingly important role in customer satisfaction, the UX industry has gained rapid momentum in the MENA region over the past few years. Companies are beginning to realize that user experience plays a significant role in the success of their business, and have turned to  UX experts [...]

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